Growing Your Mental Garden

There are some essential steps in growing a garden. You must prepare and cultivate the soil then decide what to plant. After planting you must water and care for your seedlings, providing constant attention. Weeds may appear, but you can either keep watering them or pull them out and create room for new plants to grow.

Eventually your garden will bloom. It will still require constant attention to keep the weeds and bugs at bay, but each new season becomes easier. Left unattended your garden can become overgrown with weeds and it will be overwhelming to know where to start. With time and energy we can weed the garden together. With the right help and care everyone can have a serene garden with bright flowers, fruitful trees and lush grass.

Unsure where to start with your garden? Don’t know what to plant? That’s where we come in. Cultivating Positivity will work with you to help grow your mental garden. Individuals, Schools, Families and Workplaces - we want to see gardens flourishing in all aspects of society.