Emilly Sonsie

Emilly is a trained educator with a strong passion for increasing wellbeing. She has worked as a classroom teacher and a specialist teacher, working with students of all ages. Emilly believes that it is important to engage with the whole community and bridge the gap between school and family life.

Emilly has experience engaging with all personality types creating a safe space for all. Having led a Wellbeing School Improvement Team for over three years she has experience in creating change from a leadership level. She can work with workplaces and schools to increase productivity and improve workplace wellbeing at all levels.

Emilly doesn’t just teach the principles behind Cultivating Positivity, she embodies them. Having a son in mid 2017 lead to an immense amount of self reflection and self development.

Through her own experiences of dealing with negativity, personal struggles and psychological pitfalls, Emilly has put the work in and has come out the other side. Positive Psychology theories and evidence based interventions helped Emilly turn her life around. Now she wants to share this with you. With the right information and the right person guiding you, Emilly believes that anyone can improve their wellbeing and she’s ready to help you do the same!


  • Bachelor of Psychological Science - Monash

  • Diploma of Education - Monash

  • Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing - Langley Group