Acts of Kindness

Kindness is a strength that is sometimes overlooked, but the power behind a simple act of kindness can have incredible benefits to your own wellbeing and to others.

Acts of kindness are not always random or spontaneous, they can be and often are planned. For example, you can spontaneously help someone pick up their shopping if they drop it, or you can surprise your friend with a home cooked meal.

Studies have shown that being kind creates a higher sense of wellbeing. One study even showed that almost 50 percent of participants reported feeling stronger and having more energy after helping others, with reports of greater feelings of calmness and enhanced self-esteem. Watching kind acts unfold and taking part in them increases the production of dopamine and serotonin in the brain leading to an immense amount of physical and mental health benefits.

So, it truly does beg the question;

Is there ever a true altruistic act, if we gain so much in return?

Cultivating Positivity™ challenges you to do an act of kindness

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Let’s map our kindness and see the ripple effect that we can have on the world.

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Acts of KINDNESS from the cultivating positivity™ community