With every thought. With every breath. With every action. We are Cultivating Positivity

Cultivating Positivity™

Cultivating Positivity™ is an evidence-based program that aims to increase the wellbeing levels of everyone. The field of Positive Psychology has an ever growing body of scientific research attached to it. We aim to simplify this information for everyone in order to live the best version of our lives.

Cultivating Positivity™ is about unlocking our strengths and achieving our true potential to thrive. Using Positive Psychology strategies and theories, Cultivating Positivity™ programs are sure to become an integral part of your wellbeing.

Catering for Schools, Workplaces, Individuals, Families, Speaking Engagements and everything in-between, Cultivating Positivity™ promises to provide you with easy to understand information and useable strategies to increase your wellbeing.


Positivity Psychology is both a movement and a science. It involves absolutely anyone who is interested in evidence-based approaches to improving wellbeing, either for themselves or for their community. I invite you to join this movement”

— Barbara Fredrickson, Social Psychologist Researcher

There is no barrier to leading a happy life. The strategies and theories can be understood by people of all ages and backgrounds and can be easily embedded into our daily routines.

All workshops and presentations are based on the cultivating positivity framework.


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