With every thought. With every breath. With every action. We are Cultivating Positivity

Our Mission

Cultivating Positivity™ believes that everyone, when given the right tools and strategies, has the potential to live a life full of joy and positivity.

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Let’s find the right program for you!

Cultivating Positivity™ offers a wide range of programs to cater to all your needs. Whether you are a school, workplace or individual, we want to work with you to increase your wellbeing!

All programs can be tailored to suit your environment.

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School Programs

A whole school approach to positive wellbeing and education that will bring your school community closer together and help it to thrive.

Workplace Programs

Increase productivity at your workplace through positive wellbeing interventions. Bring your team closer together to achieve your goals.

individual programs

When your greatest project is yourself, sometimes it pays to get a little bit of extra support. We can increase your wellbeing together.


Looking for your next keynote speaker, need someone who will not only leave you inspired but ready to make an immediate change?

Grow Your Mental Garden™

Cultivating a garden may just be the perfect analogy for Cultivating Positivity™. Growing flowers in a garden is no different to improving your mental wellbeing. Our minds can flourish, they can become a place of positivity, serenity and joy or we can ignore the weeds, allow the bugs to eat our plants and it can become an overwhelming jungle filled with stress, despair and negativity. What do you want your garden to look like?


Our Ripple Effect

The ripple effect is a powerful strategy we can use to increase the wellbeing and happiness of others around us. Through Acts of Kindness, Cultivating Positivity™ aims to create a global ripple effect. Let’s spread positivity around the world by doing a simple act of kindness for someones else, or even for yourself. These small moments will all add up to one big positive change.



Billion people in the world

An endless amount of people to spread joy and positivity to. Who will you pick to be kind to today?



Are ‘happy’ with their lives

That means the seven out of ten people are unsatisfied with their lives. Could you make a difference to their day?



It only takes one Person

One person is all it takes to make a difference and put a smile on someone else’s face. Can you be that person?


Feb 2019

Emilly has such a positive outlook on life, parenting and day to day activities and often makes me feel better about my day from listening to her speak.

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